Get outstanding performance with our waterbased epoxy wall and floor coating


Eco-friendly, hygienic, easy to clean

Waterbased epoxy topcoat used in Specart greenhouse
Waterbased Epoxy Topcoat used in Specart greenhouse

Use on walls and floors of butcheries, bottling plants, store rooms, wineries and factories

  • Self-priming
  • Good adhesion to concrete
  • Hygienic coating which is easy to clean
  • Lasts much longer than acrylic paints
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemically resistant
  • Hot tyre pick-up resistant
  • Easy to use because of its long pot life
  • Ecological clean-up (no solvents required)

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Specart Engineering

Gavin, Specart Engineering

We at Specart Engineering are so glad we found Pac-Chem many years ago because we have been using their products on everything from art gallery floors, workshop floors, greenhouse floors and even living space.  For that reason we even paint our machinery with Pac-Chem’s epoxy coatings as they are so hard wearing.

Vrisgewaagd Landgoed, Prins Albert, South Africa

Pieter Olivier, Vrisgewaagd Plaas, Prins Albert

We applied the Waterbased Epoxy Topcoat on the floor of our fruit packing store. The coating handles the traffic very well and is super easy to clean.

How to Use This Product

Pac-Chem Waterbased Epoxy Topcoat is a two-component water based epoxy coating, suitable for floors and walls. It is self-priming and should ideally be applied directly onto unpainted masonry when used as a wall coating. The final coating will provide you with a hard wearing surface.  Thanks to its smooth surface the Waterbased Epoxy Topcoat is resistant to fungal growth, making it an excellent choise in environments where hygiene is a concern.  Waterbased Epoxy Topcoat is best cleaned with high pressure cleaning equipment as this will ensure good hygiene in food processing environments.

Where to Use This Product

Because this product is hot tyre pickup resistant it is ideal as a coating for garages floors and showrooms. Furthermore it offers good chemical resistance which makes it a good choice in bakeries, wineries, breweries and butcheries.

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