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  • Solvent-free two component system
  • Short pot life
  • Quick turnaround time on site
Road Stud Adhesive

Application Instructions

Preparation:   All surfaces must be clean, sound, free from any loose matter, dust, oil or any greasy substance.

Mixing: Pac-Chem’s Road Stud Adhesive is supplied in a 1 litre kit in the correct mixing ratio.  Only mix a complete kit.  Do NOT split kits. 
Mix one tub Part A with one tub Part B until homogenous.  This will take approximately 2 minutes.

Application: Use a trowel, putty knife or other suitable instrument to apply the Road Stud Adhesive to the substrate.  If you use a stud with a shank, ensure that you have filled the hole in the substrate with Road Stud Adhesive before inserting the shank.   The surface between the substrate and the stud should be completely covered by the Road Stud Adhesive after the stud has been inserted.

Please see the Technical Datasheet for more information.